What Are Some Ways I Can Reduce Stress?

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How many of us experience stress over the course of a day, week, month or year? At some point we all experience it to some degree. How we manage that stress is the determining factor as to the impact that it has on our health. If we do not find ways to reduce or remove the stress, it will wreak havoc on our mind and body.

So how can we reduce stress? Each of us will find that a different method works best for us. Some may read, others take a yoga class or meditate. Others might find that something more aggressive such as a boxing class helps. There are thousands of ways we can reduce and remove stress.

How can we figure out what works best for each of us? When I work with my clients to figure out different activities we first take a look at where the stress is coming from. Do you experience it at work, home, school? What have you tried in the past? How long has the stress been going on? Once we have these things figured out, it is time to start creating the ‘ingredients list’ or activities that will result in your recipe to a healthy life. Armed with the right tools, you will be able to stare stress in the face and knock it out! Can you already sense how much healthier would you feel without stress in your life?  It’s time to start creating that list!


*What causes you stress in your life?

*How do you reduce it?



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    • Sarah says

      I agree Carla! Sometimes we think it will be much worse than it is! Sometimes just a deep breath and a moment to think make things seem easier! Thanks for sharing!

  1. says

    I really find yoga helps, I come out feeling calm and like I have taken a really big sigh! Most people think my running would be enough to make me exhausted all the time, but I still struggle to relax and sleep sometimes. I also find listening to an audiobook helps as it relaxes me and the monotone voice is…… boring…..which helps me fall asleep!

    • Sarah says

      I agree Tina! Sometimes running makes me more crazy! haha It keeps me going and find it hard to relax. But yoga is such a great way to reduce stress AND give your muscles a nice stretch!

  2. Jess @getfitwifey says

    Right now my husband and I are ttc… We experienced a miscarriage in October. It’s hard not to stress trying again and what could happen since we experienced it already. I have been doing a lot of deep breathing, a lot praying, and even some meditation. I know that being overly stressed isnt healthy for fertility and especially for a pregnant woman.

    • Sarah says

      OMG girl!!! I had NO IDEA!!! I am soooo sorry! You should have emailed me! But you are right, being stressed isn’t healthy for anyone, especially pregnant women! Deep breathing and meditation are excellent ways to de-stress! Thank you so much for sharing…..and email me if you want to chat! You know how to reach me! xxoo

    • Sarah says

      That is a great idea girls! One item at a time definitely makes things seem much more manageable! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Sarah says

      Money problems CAN cause a lot of stress, but working out is my sanity too! It always helps time your mind off things for a bit! xxoo

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